Food Recognition using InfrarEd Spectroscopy(FRiES)


Our Internship Project

ReDx Mumbai: June Internship

Food Adulteration is one of the major problems which affect the health of masses and also is responsible for some disease. The main aim of this project was to help people detect adulteration in food using Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. The problem was that the traditional spectrometers were quite bulky and it was almost impossible to carry it around with you. What our aim was to develop a prototype design for the MEMS-FTIR spectrometer  so that it can be used for carrying around with us and also collect as many sample and study them so that any adulterated food could be detected.

In the first week we just spent our time to set-up the work place and make sure that all the conditions are perfect to test the sample and also learn how to use the spectrometer. Collection of samples from market and prepare the set-up for testing was our…

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