Buying Nexus 5 From US Play Store to India under Rs. 26000


 Nexus 5 was launched today and it will be atleast a couple of months before it arrives in India. So, if you want to order Nexus 5 immediately from US play store, this is the ultimate guide you need to follow.

And the best part is, ordering from US play store will not only get you Nexus 5 much earlier, but you will actually end up saving good amount of money compared to buying it from India.

Follow the guide given below, and you should not have any problems.

Google Nexus 5 INR Price if you Order in India from US Play Store

[Price calculated at Rs. 62 exchange rate]

  Nexus 5 (India)16 GB Nexus 5 (US)16 GB Nexus 5 (India ) 32GB Nexus 5(US) 32 GB    
Prices INR 28,999 USD 349 INR 32,999 USD 399    
Shipping   USD 37   USD 42    
Shopandship INR 0 INR 620   INR 620    
Import Duties +Octroi(optional to maharshtra,so exclude from total ) INR 0 INR 1200-1300   INR 1200-1300    
Total INR 28,999 INR 25,105 INR 32,999 INR29,109    

Note: The prices may vary slightly depending you are address in the US as taxes differ from state to state.

Link to :Custom Duties Prices

Please keep in mind that guide below was prepared for Buying any Product from US, the process is exactly the same for Nexus 5

If you follow me on Twitter  , by now, you know that I am a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is definitely not the most expensive  out there, but when I got it for the first time, it felt like I had achieved something.. and by the end of this article you will know why I had that feeling. Nexus 5 is available in India through regular Google Play store

So 2 Reason to Buy From US:

Of course, you can buy it on 3rd party websites like E-bay, grabmore,Amazon and many other sites, but you need to pay atleast 30 to 40 percent premium on the pricing. Now, I could have bought by paying the premium, but it would not have given me half the satisfaction.of ordering it from playstore

Buying a Nexus 5 via Google play store in India is an arduous task, it really is, and it will probably remain so till the time Google decides to release it in India.I Doubt that those who aren’t Tech Savvy will Hardly Ever own a Nexus ..But this Guide will Surely help them Somehow to Simplify it,

Step 1 – Getting to Google Play Nexus  “Buy Now” page

While you can visit Google Play Nexus page by going to Nexus 5 once you click on “shop now” button, you will be first presented with a screen that says:

PS 2

The devices on Google play are COMING SOON in India, so you will need a workaround.

So the first thing to Shop the US playstore on your Browser you need to Download a VPN Client which will give you a Temporary US based IP so the Playstore understands that you have logged in from US. These VPN Clients offer Free Data of 500 MB to 1 GB Free per Month.

If you are not comfortable with VPN Clients, just search Google for a US proxy or VPN client, and you should get many others as well.

HotSpot Shield

You will need to download the VPN Client Hotspot Shield  register with them and you are ready to go. Once you have started the VPN Client, It will ask you for Upgrade Options..It your wish if you want to Upgrade you can Carry on(if you wish to use Spotify , Pandora etc  US based Service then you will surely need to Upgrade to pro)

Vpn 2

Now go to the Browser and Open the Same Site and BOOM

Nexus 5

You can opt for 16GB or 32 GB(its only USD 50 more) its upto you.But once the phone is in shopping cart, you are faced with another issue. You need to 2 things – A US Credit card with and US shipping address because Google does not ship outside of the US. So, before you actually go through the process, you will need to have these 2 things in place.

How to Get US Shipping Address

There are few online portals who offer you virtual US post box addresses., is one of the leading sites who offer you US, UK as well as China shipping addresses. I recommend you using this  to order my Nexus 5. I have been recommended by one of my members here  for Choosing shopandship

However, please note that you will need atleast a week for your account to get activated and your shipping address being assigned to you. So, before you head to the Google Play store, please make sure that you have your US shipping address in place with you and you are ready to give it a go

In regards to the US credit card, there is a workaround. You can use your Indian Credit card itself(sometimes it works ,Sometimes it doesn’t) and for billing address, you can give any US address. ;I gave US address of my Friend studying there

If you don’t have a credit card and have a debit card from banks like HDFC,ICICI ,AXIS Bank they offer virtual netsafe credit cards to be generated, which could be used!

Alternate:You can go to this Website for getting a Virtual Debit Card for US or This also work ( Tipped by One of my friend)

Note:This problem of Virtual Debit card only Occurs for PlayStore and not for sites like Amazon,Ebay

Placing the Order on Google Play

Coming back to placing order on Playstore. Once you have selected the Nexus 5 model 16 GB or 32 GB and entered the shopping cart, enter you credit card and US shipping address and in all probability your order should get through.[OT]One of my Friend who placed an Order on 1 Nov 2013 from India had a email saying that it will Leave the Warehouse by 5 November by Luckily his Brother Stays there and he will Ship it to him via International Courier

Additional Charge of 20 USD to 30 USD( approx INR 1240 to 1860) [/OT]

India Shipping, Customs & Duties

Luckily Shopandship and PPoBox does everything on your behalf.Once they receive the Product on mY behalf on the Virtual Address. they will Weight the Product and Accordingly Charge me the Shipping Rates

Luckily Nexus 5 is 130 g (4.59 oz) so the Shipping Charges are Minimal ( INR 600-1000 )

Note: The Heavier the Product the More is the Shipping Charge

Exact Cost of Google Nexus 5

Here is the exact break-up of cost on Google Nexus 5(Rate INR 61.88)

  Nexus 5 (India)16 GB Nexus 5 (US)16 GB Nexus 5 (India ) 32GB Nexus 5(US) 32 GB    
Prices INR 28,999 USD 349 INR 32,999 USD 399    
Shipping   USD 37   USD 42    
Shopandship INR 0 INR 620  INR 0 INR 620    
Import Duties* +Octroi(Only For Maharashtra,So Exclude from total) INR 0 INR 1200-1300  INR 0 INR 1200-1300    
Total INR 28,999 INR 25,105 INR 32,999 INR29,109    

Add to this Octroi which came to about Rs. 1100 taking the cost of Nexus phone to Rs. 25,500. However, in most other cities in India, Octroi is not there. So, even with slight change in exchange rates and other things, the cost of your Nexus 5 phone should not exceed Rs. 25,500/-. For that price, Google Nexus 5 is definitely worth it!

N5 India

Image Edit: Nexus 5 Comes up on indian Retail Store

Wait for it cause this time Google is expected to Launch In India for INR 28,999 and INR 32,999 for 16 and 32 GB respectively on PlayStore .But this is Exclusive of Shipping and Taxes So ,Considering Google’s Shipping Charges (Like in US) the Price Of Nexus 5 may go beyond INR 30,000 or INR 34,000

TIP: Buy it from Amazon US and you can get a 7.5% (Monthly Coupon Code if you Buy from there frequently) off on the Nexus 5 (i.e 323$ or INR 19987 )

Like I said, it is a Difficult task buying a Nexus 5 in India… but in the end, it was all worth it and you save a certain Amount! If you have any questions, do drop me a comment if it Help and I would be more than happy to clarify it!


  • This whole Process Might Take More than a Week …approximately 10-11 days..So Order it Now
  • This Method is Universal for all products from any Country but Play Store is Little bit Strict in this so Wrote a guide on it

Thanks to Arun Prabhudesai :whose Buying a Nexus 4 from US Tutorial helped me

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